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New Home in North Carolina
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View of the Staked out Lot.

The beginning of excavation.

After the foundation has been excavated.

Laying the block

The basement takes shape.

The foundation is in.

The interior slab is done and the walls finished.

The sub-floor is down.

The logs have arrive and are ready for unpacking.

Setting the first few courses.

Cutting the load bearing blocks

The walls are taking shape.

Aligning the log on the rods.

Pegging the log laps.

The front wall is nearly complete.

Almost all the walls are set and so is the girder.

Using the crane, it's time to set the rafters.

Setting the first few shed dormer rafters.

Making sure everything is aligned correctly.

Pulling the tape and attaching the rafter.

A rear view of the shed dormer wall.

The rafters are set and ready for gable framing.

Building the gable dormers.

Decking the roof and finishing the gable framing.

Look at the decking on the dormer.

The dormers are complete so roof work can begin.

Meanwhile the interior framing has been done.

Notice the wiring and plumbing have both been started as the framing is finished up.

The firebox has been built and looks ready for a fire.

The exterior spline has been installed and the dormers are almost done.

The porch framing goes up as windows are put in.

Decking the porch.

Windows being installed as the porch is being built.

The fireplace flue block work is complete.

The fireplace block complete, the stone work can now be added.

Meanwhile the interior fireplace stone work is set up and ready to begin.

Adding some finishing touches to the roof.

Finishing the stone work on the top of the flue.

A look at the finished flue.

The stonework around the porch piers.

Spraying on the interior stain.

Interior drywall work continues while exterior work is finished up.

More interior drywall work.

The garage has been built, & ready to finish.

Adding the final few exterior touches.

The garage is almost complete.

The stack stone on the fireplace is finished.

The tile is being laid.
A final look at the project.

The finished flooring in the loft is down.

The corner of the master bedroom.



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